I’ve Changed My Mind

Well, As you may know I chose to keep this blog anonymous. I have decided to no longer do that and share my identity.

First, my name is Alycya (said like Alisha). I have red hair, blue eyes and my fathers nose. I’m quite short but around the average height (5’3″) with a pretty athletic build. My skin is pale and gets a pale kind of tan in the summer. I have no freckles like most redheads. I have glasses but wear contacts. I am very active and actually enjoy going to the gym. Which honestly is kind of new to me but I have always been active in some form. As a youngster (what a weird word) I studied all dance styles and did this for many, many years. I now box regularly and love it! Literally. I recently graduated Grad school with my Masters of Architecture. I also studied architecture in undergrad as well. My day job is in my field of study and I am working on getting my license to become a practicing Architect. I enjoy fashion and self-care like topics and I hope to share that love here. I also enjoy creating. I hope to share more of myself with you through blog topics of the future.

Thanks for Listening.


I am going to keep a bit of mystery to who I am. Anyone who knows me will know who I am and anyone who doesn’t can call me Aly. Through my posts you will learn more about me but I would like to give you some insight about who I am. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. I reside here currently and can’t complain. We get all the seasons which is nice. I studied Architecture in college and received my Master of Architecture last year. I currently practice my degree and I feel incredibly luck to do so. Architecture is what makes me money but honestly I really love fashion. I don’t think I personally have much style but I love to see fashion and understand it. I’m really good at buying clothes and not good at wearing them.(If that makes any sense…) I tend to wear the same things a lot because I NEED to be comfortable at all times. I have this weird thing where I have to dress for anything to happen. Maybe I need to kick my legs (?) So pants/shorts/cropped seem to always be my go to. I’m sorry. I’m strange.

I come from a divorced family. Which maybe this is weird for me to be sharing but the divorcing of my parents really changed my thoughts on a lot of things about my life. I hope to share more about this in the future too. Wow this paragraph seems like its going to be a downer. sorry. I can’t even capitalize that. I personally suffer from depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, I feel like both of these issues have become a norm in our society which is really upsetting to me. I know what I go through would never wish it on anyone. Its funny because I feel like as I get older both my depression and anxiety get worse but I learn to adapt…I guess. Anyway, my mental state has influenced a lot of my life and has made a lot of decisions for me which I’m already bad at making.

Yes my parents are divorced but they have a friendly relationship. I am very thankful for that. I have a younger sister. We are very different. Very, very different but we get along really well and I am also thankful for that. We are four years apart which I think is why we are different but different is good. We get along and honestly I am really happy I am not an only child (no offense but only child syndrome is a thing).

Lastly, Just know, I plan on being honest.

Thanks for listening.