Plants in Space

It’s out of this world. (That hurt to type.)


Maybe you’re like me and almost kill every plant you touch. I have successfully killed a cactus. It was terrible. I have somehow managed to keep these plants alive and well. They are actually growing! So, I am all about making my personal space feel good. I want it to be a place that I gravitate to and feel comfortable in. By adding plants to my room, it feels fresh and natural. The plants bring greenery into my room and help to freshen the air. I recently made these macrame plant hangers, which I sell and you can buy some here. When I made them I knew where I wanted them placed in my space so I made sure to make them a bit shorter than I normally would. These three have different types of small plants in them and they get just the right amount of light. I also have another plant hanger by my bed which is longer and holds some air plants that are even easier to take care of. I really think plants are great to have in spaces that you spend a lot of time in. I would love to have a larger tree like plant in my room but I just don’t think I have the space. If you are looking to add some small plants to your space I would recommend getting some air plants. They are so easy to take are of and they can be placed anywhere. There is also a great variety of air plants to choose from and they only require water. Water plants are also another option. These plants only require water as well but their roots must constantly be submerged where air plants tend to just need a few sprits of water a couple times per week. I have a water plant vase hanging in my other window and I just feel the vase when the water is below the roots. There is very little care needed and its not needed very often. I hope this post inspired you to possible add some plants to your space if you don’t have them already. There are many options to choose from, each option requires a different amount of care so choose wisely.

Thanks for listening,

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