Argan Oil Mud Mask – Review

Mud and oil, what an interesting combination.


Well, well. Here we are again with another Yes To…. product. There are plenty more to try. Unlike the last Yes To…. product this mask is not in sheet form and needs to be applied to the face with the fingers. Application was still easy and honestly this method allows you to place the product where you want and not all over you face so for people who just want to test the product this is the best for you. I chose to apply it to the whole of my face, which is what I do with most of my face masks.

For starters, this product feels like it should. It’s not watery and has a thicker feel to it so with that said it lives up to its mud mask name. The color as you can see is like a golden yellow which I’m assuming comes from the argan oil. It has a smooth texture and there are no exfoliating like beads within the mask. So its basically what you expect a mud mask to feel like it. The smell wasn’t terrible but probably could be better but honestly not the end of the world it’s not on your face that long.

So like I said earlier, I applied a relatively thick layer to my whole face with my fingers. This package comes with a lot of product so you could probably get two uses out of it but that’s your call. I tried to use it all in one go, and that was not going to happen so there was some left. I left the mask on for 10 minutes as the packaging says to do. Now, the mud masks that I have used in the past all dried and that is how I knew when it was time to take it off. This mask does not dry and once again I am assuming that has to do with the oil in the product. The mask was easy to remove with water and a wash cloth.

This mask was very gentle and did not bother my skin at all. It has probably been the most gentle mask I have talked about so far. I was concerned about the oil in the product because my skin is naturally oily but it did not bother me or make make my skin more oily. This mask left my skin really soft. I think the oil in the product did a lot of good. Overall, I liked the mask and I would use it again.

Thanks for listening.


Yes To…. Miracle Oil – Argan Oil Mud Mask – Available at Ulta and other places too.


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