What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? – Freshman Year of College

Well first of all, we never grow up, we just grow old.

Ah, Freshman year of college. What an awful time but not for everyone. I want to start this story time with mentioning a few things, ONE, I knew what I wanted to do with my life at a very young age, TWO, Everything happens for a reason, and THREE, you are never stuck studying something you do not like. SO with that all said lets begin.

I mentioned in my about me section my chosen sport throughout elementary, middle and high school was dance. Honestly it was my life and now I look back on it and don’t regret it but see how much it controlled my life. Because this sport was so important to me and took up most of my free time, it quickly became my back plan for college. My plan A was architecture school. I knew I wanted to study architecture in possibly elementary school. I used to draw floor plans of houses for fun, granted most of them had bowling allies in them but whatever. I applied to architecture school and was not accepted. This ruined me. I knew exactly what I wanted to study and I wasn’t given the opportunity to do so. Here is where plan B comes into play, dance. So I did my back up plan which I was not planning to even have to think about. This took me into a really interesting situation where I figured I might as well try it out. During this time I also auditioned for Julliard’s dance program. That audition was actually the first time I knew dance wouldn’t be for me as a long term thing. It wasn’t fun for me anymore when all of a sudden I was going to be getting graded on my hobby. So Julliard was a no for me and for them too. (I got cut but seriously there was no way that would work out for me.) I was accepted into a dance program at school in the New England area. Plan B, had now become my only option. I did everything I had to do for the dance program like placement auditions and such. This is the moment I realized I was going to be a dance major in college.

The whole summer before college I couldn’t wait to transfer to architecture school. Dance was just a place filler for me. My first college was just a place for me to get some general education classes done that would hopefully transfer to a new school. I know this sounds awful. I literally was just waiting to leave a school I didn’t even start at yet. But know that this can happen and it’s ok to discover that you don’t actual like to study your hobbies in school and sometimes it takes trying them out to realize that. I honestly thought at this point that dance might be something I could continue with but architecture was always lingering in the back of my mind.

I feel like this post is going to be so long. Sorry.

Day one of Freshman year, I was a dance major. Umm how do I put this nicely. I HATED it. Yup. It was not for me and I knew it right away. I barely made it through the first day. After my last dance course of the day, I went to my dorm and completely broke down. I called my mom and we figured it all out. Within an hour was I a business major. Yeah it happened that quick. The advisors at my school tried to get me to try another day but I knew it wasn’t for me. So I spent my first freshman year as a business major and it wasn’t awful. I liked my courses and I knew I was learning things I could actually use at some point in my life. This also helped to pave my way to architecture school. I got a 4.0 GPA and finally the school I wanted to be at so badly accepted me and I transferred the next year to architecture school.

Ok, wasn’t as long as I thought.

I just want to talk quickly about my architecture school experience as far as looking at schools go. My first college was known to be a transfer school. This basically means people go there for a year or maybe a semester and then transfer to a different school. This isn’t always done but is common. Because my school was like that they often had college fairs for us. Other 4 year schools would come and have booths to talk about their programs. I attended one while in school because I knew I was transferring I just wasn’t sure where yet. At the fair a few of the schools I was interested in where there. While talking to one of the schools, their school rep told me that I was most likely was not accepted the first time because I was NOT GOOD ENOUGH. What the fuck. Who says that to someone. I wont mention the name of school but let me tell you that I would NEVER, EVER recommend that school to anyone. It’s ok though, my 4.0 GPA ass didn’t want to be there anyway. The school that I ended up transferring to and graduating from with TWO degrees was also at this fair and the women representing them was incredibly helpful and was willing to do everything she could to get me into that school. So thank you Wentworth Institute of Technology for accepting me and allowing me to study my passion.

Lastly, if you do not get accepted into the school you want and feel that you qualify to be there, you do have the option to petition the school. I found this out after it was too late but never give up. If you want something go for it even if the path isn’t straight and requires some obstacles to be jumped through. Do it and have the drive and passion to complete your goals.

Thanks for listening and keep pushing,


I plan to do a post about transferring schools. Let me know if you’re interested.


In my defense, it was hot as hell that day.


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