GO TO: Charcoal Mask

The best way to achieve the “I just left my coal mining job” look.


If I had to chose only one mask to use for the rest of my life it would be this one. It’s not harsh but feels like its working and it truly changes the way your skin feels and how your skin reacts to breakouts. As I have mentioned acne is my enemy and loves to constantly hang around. Along with my spot treatment, I will use this mask as a spot treatment as well after I get out of the shower.

So as the bottle says it is a charcoal mask with active ingredients that you feel working when applied to your face. I really like to use this mask after a hot shower because that is when I feel it does the most work for my skin because your pores are freshly open from the steam and heat. When doing the mask right after a shower you can feel the mask working more than doing it without steaming your face but it still helps either way.

I apply this mask to the whole of my face and wait for it to dry. It takes about 10 minutes to dry but the time can vary depending how thick the mask is put on. I personally like to put a pretty thick layer on but there are occasions where I do only a thin coating. The mask easily wipes off using warm water and a wash cloth. I do not use this mask all the time but I like to use it monthly and I love how my skin feels after. As for using it as a spot treatment, I do this very, very often. I apply it the same way as doing the whole face. Right after I get out of the shower (I shower at night, it’s easier for me in the morning) I apply a good amount to any blemishes on my face. I do this right after I dry off to make sure its getting right into my skin. Currently I have a blemish that doesn’t seem to want to go away but by applying this mask to the blemish after every shower it has helped to make it smaller and helping it to go away without becoming a white head.

This product is on the stronger side as far as sensitive skin goes but it does not bother my skin whatsoever. I really love this product and how active feels on the skin. I would recommend it to anyone of all skin types.

Thanks for Listening.


Origins – Clear Improvement – Charcoal mask – Available at Sephora.


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