Cucumber Sheet Mask – Review

I realize it seems hard to judge a product on one use but I also think that initial reactions to things can help not only myself but other people interested in trying out these products so, do keep in mind that my review of products are based on a one time use.

IMG_3922My sister tucked a few sheet masks into my stocking this year and I decided to try it out. It is by the brand Yes to Cucumbers, which I have heard great things about. I also feel like this brand can be good for people with sensitive skin because the product is related to natural ingredients but this is just my assumption so take it with a grain of salt. This is also the first time I have tried a sheet mask and I actually like the idea of a sheet mask, mostly because of how easy it is to apply and remove.

So like I said two seconds ago, this mask was very easy to apply. It also doesn’t completely glue (I use that term loosely) to your skin so you do have the ability to manipulate the placement of the mask while it is on. There are flaps in the mask to place on your eyes but I chose not to do so. The package says to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, I did as instructed. While the mask is on, the directions and I recommend not doing much for movement as it will probably just fall off. Best thing you can do is put on some Netflix and relax. Also I want to quickly mention, this mask is one time use only.

IMG_3924While I had the mask on I did experience some tingling. I think this is common for a lot of masks but I was surprised by that reaction from this mask as it does use natural ingredients and to me when something makes my skin tingle its a little stronger than my skin may like. It was not however a painful tingle but more than I expected. I do have very sensitive skin so the tingling made me a little nervous. I also experience an acne like eczema on my chin which is SUPER sensitive to things it doesn’t know, which is why the tingle made me a little nervous but the mask did not cause the eczema to flare up at all.

Removing the mask was easier than putting it on. Just peel that baby off and you’re good to go. I did rinse my face because there is a lot of product on the sheet mask and there is a pretty good chance (100%) that some got on your face and is still there. My face was a little red from the mask which I am assuming was related to the tingle but my skin felt really soft and smooth to the touch. I do have to say that I use a Clarisonic brush (review to come) regularly so this could be one of the reasons but I did not use my brush before trying out the mask so it did remove all the junk that built up on my skin throughout the day.

Overall, I think I would use this sheet mask again. It didn’t irritate my skin in anyway which is great. Do keep in mind if you try it out that it may have a tingly feeling but for me it wasn’t anything to worry about. The redness in my face went away shortly after so no damage was done and no rash occurred. It’s very easy to use and very quick.

Thanks for listening.


Yes to Cucumbers, Soothing – Calming Paper Mask, These are sold everywhere.

*I’m sorry I just have to mention the amount of times I said the word tingle or some other form of the word. I don’t think I have said that word that many times in my entire life. 8.

That is also the cutest photo of me to exist.



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