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I am no stranger to acne. We might actually call each other best friends.

Growing up I suffered from acne. I can’t complain too much because I could have dealt with it much worse than I did but it still managed to plague my life and cause me to hide from the camera. Unfortunately for me, acne still manages to invade my life and my face. As for my skin type, I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. As an adult (24, technically an adult) I have finally learned to deal with my skin and give it what it needs. I still manage to get acne spots on my face and to be honest there probably isn’t a day when my skin is completely clear but I have found a product that I like to use to help control these spots.


This spot treatment is commonly said to be used by Celebrities and known You-tubers, I have also found a love for this product. My first time using it I honestly didn’t think it worked too well. I forgot about it for awhile and went back to it later on. The second time I used the product I loved it. It worked great and I could see the results of using the product next day. It’s very easy to apply and works best if you use it right as you feel a spot forming although you can can use it whenever. I use it every night until my spot is gone. I like to apply it at night and remove what ever is left in the morning. The bottle consists of a clear liquid with a clay like serum at the bottom. You want the two to stay separated so do not mix them together. I apply this product with a qtip that I dip in the pink clay and then apply to the spots on my face. When applied it leaves a lightly wet clay on the spot that eventually dries over night. There is a bit of tingly feeling when applied but that is the product absorbing into the skin. Ultimately this product helps to dry out the spot and break it down. As I said earlier, I really like this product and I hope some of you try it and like it too. Also keep in mind, if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again. You can even apply it during the day but keep in mind it does not completely absorb into the skin so I would not wear it out in public unless thats something your into.

Thanks for listening.


Mario Badescu – Drying Lotion – Can be bought at Sephora.


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