Exfoliating Mud Mask – Review

Mud isn’t only found outside.

So I am a subscriber to Ipsy. Ipsy is a company that you can subscribe to for 10$ a month and receive a monthly glam bag. Each month there are 5 different sample size products that come in cute little make up bags. The bag designs are different each month. When you sign up for Ipsy you take a quiz that asks you many many questions about yourself and beauty preferences. The questionnaire helps the Ipsy crew to customize the items in your glam bag. I so far have loved this subscription and really enjoy getting different products and trying them out. I am personally not adventurous when it comes to beauty and skin care so the glam bag allows me to try new products on a budget. It is also really easy to cancel the subscription if you don’t like it or can’t afford it anymore. I would recommend Ipsy to anyone even those who don’t care too much about make up because the variety of products is really great. I have received many new make up brushes in my glam bag too which is honestly one of my favorite things to get because I wear make so few times during the week that I really can’t justify going out and buying a really good quality set of brushes. If you are interested in trying out Ipsy you can go ahead and sign up here!

I recently got a exfoliating clay mask in my Ipsy bag. Although I am a bit picky about what I put on my face I decided to give it a try. The mask is by Pur-lisse and is the Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask and Exfoliant. It is a mask that is applied and dries over a 10-15 minute period which to me is simple enough. Put the mask on a go do other stuff! It comes out of the bottle as a white/cream colored mud with small seeds within it. I like to use this mask on Sundays because I shower at night so I can easily rinse the mask off in the shower. The mask recommends to cleanse your skin before use but because I shower at night I like to cleanse in the shower. Before I apply the mask I rinse my skin to get majority of the oil off and then apply the mask. I wait my 10-15 minutes and then head to the shower. The mask comes off easily and rinsing in the shower makes it even easier. You feel the small seeds exfoliating but not in a harsh way. The mask when first applied feels a little tingly but also not in a bad way or in a overly harsh way. When the mask is dried it gets hard to the touch but is not painful what so ever. It also dries a similar color as it was when being applied.

Overall I liked the product. I would probably use it again if it was given to me but I don’t know that I would purchase it on my own.  I have a few other clay/mud masks that I love a lot an plan to share in the future. I do prefer those to this particular mask but this mask is much more delicate than the clay/mud masks I typically use. I do also want to mention that I used the mask twice and had the same experience with the product both times. It did not bother my overly sensitive skin whatsoever so if you are looking for a clay/mud mask that works but is very gentle I would recommend this product to you.

Thanks for listening!




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