GO TO: Peel off Mask

For the picky people.

In no way am I aware of the beauty world. I am just a less than average girl trying to figure out what the hell I am doing with make up and all things associated with it. I am really into my skin care. I have super oily skin, that is not only sensitive but extremely acne prone. It plagued my entire high school years and still often does today but I am learning to take care of my skin and give it what it needs. Today I want to share with you a face mask that I really love and use frequently. For those who enjoy picking at things and possibly their face, this mask is for you. I like the idea of peel off masks but they can get scary when they are close to your eye brows.

The mask is by First Aid Beauty and is a Red Clay peel mask. I use this about twice a month currently but I used to use it weekly (I am trying out some other masks which is my I don’t use it as often). I love the way my skin feels after and the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. The peeling process is not painful at all and the mask easily washes off with water if necessary. The color is obviously red. I like to apply a relatively thick layer of the mask to my skin because I helps when it comes to peeling the mask. Every time I use it I try to peel it off in one piece. I have noticed a change in my skin and I would recommend this mask to anyone. Its light and doesn’t cause any reactions to my skin.

I have not tried may products from First Aid Beauty but I would like to in the future. I also would like to mention that I did purchase this product on my own and I am now on my third bottle. I really do love this product and hope you guys try it out. Watch out for your eye brows!

Thanks for listening.




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