Ditch the Clothes.

Not an encouragement to go nude but you do you, boo boo.

There are few times when I have a new idea for a possible decoration for my bedroom that both actually happens and turns out well. I am a designer but I get lazy when it comes to my own space and everything is trial and error. It’s the way of the world really. Ok, back to real purpose of this post. I had an idea for my college dorm room and it worked out so well I took it home with me and put it in my bedroom. This idea takes very few materials but a whole lot of collecting depending on what you choose to hang.

Things needed. By the way we are making a very simple way to display photos and such.

  • Rope, nothing huge but nothing too small.
  • Clothes pins
  • Photos, postcards, etc.
  • Command hooks if you anything like me and should not be allowed near a hammer.


My photo/postcard hanger is above my bed for reference.

I started by choosing where I wanted the photos to be displayed in my room. Once I had a wall chosen I placed the first clear command hook on the wall. Now before you move forward it’s very important that you follow the command hook directions because these things need to sit on the wall for like an hour before anything is placed on them or they will fall off. Trust me, I have no patience. Once it’s up and sturdy you can tie the rope on to the command hook. Drape the rope to the other side and put a little droop into the rope if you want it to look similar to the way I have mine. Mark where you want the other side and attach the other command hook and wait the said amount of time. Once the hooks are sticking attach both ends of the rope to the hooks. Next is the easy part. Add your photos and post cards by connecting them with the clothes pins. Pretty simple.

The top row of my photo hanger is photographs I took with my 35mm film camera while I was in Hawaii a few years ago. The second row consists of a bunch of postcards I have collected throughout my travels around Europe and the U.S. You can obviously add any photos you would like. I would try to stick to smaller photos because of the hooks but if you want to play around with different sizes go for it. I know this wasn’t really life changing but I think its a really simple and quick (other than waiting for those damn hooks to set) way to add some photos to your space.

Thanks for listening.



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