A Good Architect Borrows, A Great Architect Steals.

I was once told this by one of my professors and honestly I’m not sure if he was quoting someone or not but I’m really not sure how I feel about it.

To be quite honest this post is already going somewhere that I didn’t expect it to go so I will get my thoughts across and maybe entertain you on my thoughts about this quote.

  1. This is my “architecture” section of my blog but I’m really not sure how I want to go about sharing my thoughts with you. I post short (but long for Instagram) descriptions of my photos on my Instagram but I was planning on writing much longer thoughts here but (again) I really like the quickness of the captions so maybe I will do a few small thoughts in a post. Whatever, I will figure it out.
  2. Should I share my work here? Anyone interested in seeing some projects I did through school? Maybe this will happen. I’m a little afraid of post my work freely on the internet because people STEAL. No this is not when the quote applies because stealing my work is plagiarism. Sorry, that was sassy of me. But please, if I do share be respectful. 5 years of an expensive ass education, that I don’t regret one bit.
  3. There might have been a third, I don’t remember.


As I referred to earlier, there is a thing called plagiarism. Now I’m not sure if this applies in the real world or if it’s just a school thing but giving credit where credit is due is very important. At this point in time nothing is original. It’s all been done. There is research on everything but that doesn’t mean the ideas can’t be original to YOU. These thoughts still matter and if anything give you a drive to move forward. I think most of our thoughts come from passion, at least this is how I feel about designing space. You get the project and all the components and then you find something within that project the evokes something in you and you take that thought and create a concept. An approach to the design that is based on the one or two or however many ideas you had when you first thought about the project. These to me are original in their most basic form and then transform into inspiration. My design school often had us reference existing architecture to help us build concepts. Now what is important about doing this is understanding what copying is and what inspiring is. First of all, people will know when you copy. Sorry but there’s no hiding it. Trust me, I saw it happen first hand. Person almost got away with it too. There is nothing satisfying about copying work. Maybe there is a quick sense of accomplishment but you shouldn’t feel it for long. I think while in school we have to do our best to stay creative and as original as we can. Think everything through and have a reason for everything. That is what will make you stand out and your ideas important if they are convincing enough. As far as stealing in the work force. There is absolutely no way it doesn’t happen. Mostly because most architecture can only be done a certain way because of structural restrains and codes plus other things. There are a lot of restrictions in the real world of architecture that cause architecture to become very modular and standard. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think what it does is force originality upon architects. As I said earlier, everything has been done before. Yes, true but there is a possible chance of going against the norm and pushing the standard boundaries. Sometimes these have consequence such as restricted access to the building by handicap but that is something you have to deal with. I think there is a lot of borrowing happening because of the codes and requirements of public architecture but stealing… do that at your own risk and never forget, someone will find out.

Thanks for listening.


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.10.06 AM

This is a photo of me for my thesis but the drawing method is INSPIRED by Heather Hanson. Check her out. Her work is incredible.


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