Prematurely Collecting

Actually most of the things I collect are not necessary yet. Sue me, I’m a mild hoarder.

When my Grandmother passed I willing inherited her and my Grandfathers record player. Shortly after had the record player I purchased my favorite bands new album on vinyl. I knew how old and how long the player had ben sitting around not used so I decided to purchase a cheep record to try on the player. I got a Pat Benetar record for 1 Dollar. Literally looks like the slip was chewed on but it’s ok because the record was still in good shape. I also purchased two other records this day without knowing if this ancient record player was going to work. Its ok though because eventually I will get something that can play these damn things. Back to the story, so my dad helped me out testing the record player because although I am old enough to know what a record player is and have used cassettes in my day I have no idea how to use a record player but I am sure I could have figured it out so don’t even go there. Bad news, the record player would not rotate at a constant speed. It was the creepiest sounding Pat Benetar I have ever heard. Yes, I know Pat Benetar. My mom loves her and literally played Hell is for Children on repeat. I swear that means nothing although there are stories of me being a devil child in my younger years. She’s still sour. Anyway, we tried a few things after we realized the inconsistency of the rotations. We tried setting the player for 45s. Pat sounded like a chipmunk but the record spun a little better. So looks like the record player may need a tune up or might just be done. I’m unfortunately to impatient to wait and really want to get a new player. So, here is where I need advice. Do you know of any record players that are not super expensive but will sound pretty decent and actually play my records? I have read bad reviews about Crosley players so I am trying to stay away from them. Thank you! I tried to find out some information on my own but I really don’t trust all these random websites I was finding.

Thanks for listening and responding.



*Yes, my collection is small but there are plenty more records I plan on buying once I have more money and a record player that works.


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