The Grass is Greener if you Water it.

And maybe it give it special grass feed but I’m no expert.

I’m starting to enjoy this writing everyday. It’s like have a journal that the world can ready. Maybe I should have just wrote in a notebook everyday. Oh well, here we are.

My mother and I gardened today. We didn’t plant anything edible but we did manage to plant some flowers which I am praying grow! Please! I think I like the idea of planting things more than the act of doing it. It kind of sounds fun. “Yay, I will spend some time outside enjoying the fresh air, growing plants to add to the environment.” Sounds great. Especially since it was Earth Day yesterday! HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE! The reality of it is nothing like the dream of it. It starts out fun and ends with a whole lot of laziness. There’s a whole lot of bending required and not a lot of snapping. (Legally Blonde reference. Yes?No? Anyway….) I guess there could be snapping, maybe some twigs maybe some backs. Please don’t hurt yourself. I enjoyed it as much as I could. I was actually surprised to see how into it my mom was. She was a weeding machine. She even got the huge hedge trimers out and started cutting some of the rose bushes down. Then she swept the garage. Woah. Proud of her. We aren’t really the keep things like garages clean type of family so places like that in our house usually look pretty full of crap until someone gets annoyed but it’s ok, we have lives, things that are more important to us than making sure our garage is spotless. We have also managed to collect a decent amount of shit. I’m sorry, that’s literally the only word that can describe it. I’m working on getting stuff we don’t need out or donated. Today was a pretty good day. I got a new record today too, Alt+J. I’m attending their concert in Boston this summer and I can’t wait.

Thanks for listening.




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