Everyone Needs Shoes.

That statement is mostly true.

Recently I purchased my first pair of high top converse. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, she’s crazy with those shoes choices…” I’m kidding. Your actually probably thinking, “I have like 10 pairs of those.” Yes, I am late to the trend but, I will stick up for myself and say that I have some black low tops that I wear to death and love endlessly. I think  converse in general are a pretty great staple fashion item that never go out of style, if you care about that. I personally don’t. I wear what I want. Trends come in and out too often and I’m too cheap to shop that frequently. Back to my new shoes. High tops. I’m still figuring out how to wear them. Yes, I put them on my feet and yes they were on the right or left foot. I have made it that far. I tried them with jeans. Not against it but I’m not feeling too good about it either. They look pretty good with black skinny jeans but I think I need to keep the jeans rolled up. Shorts might be an option but currently the weather here in NH, is eliminating that option. I forgot to mention what color they are. The shoes are black on black converse. The look so clean and sleek. Sometimes converse can look a little clowny but I think because of the double black it helps to shape the shoe a little better. So basically these shoes will be a series of trial and error but I am excited for them!

Thanks for listening.



2 responses to “Everyone Needs Shoes.

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  2. Update: I still have not worn these out of the house. Maybe it’s the current weather or maybe I’m lazy and just wear the same pair of shoes everyday.


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