Plants Everywhere – not just outside

I’m trying to engage in every part of this blog so here goes the first interior post. whooh!

Recently I have been ridiculously obsessed with putting plants in my room. Mind you these are easy to take care of plants because last summer I KILLED not one but two cacti. It was sad, it was awful. May they rest in piece in the back yard of my dads condo that can’t even grow grass other than the time the lawn mower caught fire. Yep, grass grew there but no where else. Anyway,  I have found a solution to my plant killing problems buy buying air plants! The greatest natural invention for those of us who have thumbs filled with death. That sounds awful. I’m going to try and revive mine. Nope, didn’t work. I also own a water plant. The best part about the water plant is you only water it once a month. If I can’t remember to do that I need to get checked out. Air plants are similar but they do need to be watered more often. I just use a spray bottle a few times a week. Both types of plants do NOT need dirt. The water plant does grow roots so putting something in the vase or whatever you are using would probably help your plant to ground it and give it some stability. I have glass rock things. They look pretty. The air plants need nothing. You actually water the flowering part of the plant and not the roots. Air plants don’t really have roots either. Best part about these plants is they can go anywhere. They need light but thats really it. I will insert a photo of what my air plant situation currently is looking like! I hope this was worth something to someone.

Thanks for listening.


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