M.I.A. not the musical Artist.

I do enjoy her music though.

So I have severely neglected this site although I don’t even believe there is anyone reading these so, sorry if you are but I lost interest. I will most likely keep it up as a journal for me and occasionally share somethings with whom ever cares to read. I actually do like to write but I hate to write it down/type. Things sound better in my head anyway. Here’s a bit of a life update. I’m doing well. Chugging along through life. Content on where I am. That’s the issue. I’M CONTENT. Boring, it all is. I need a change in my life, my mind and soul are aching for it but I personally hate change (Someone tell my mind that).  There is a possible job opportunity for me in Hawaii which I really want to take but I have loyalty problems where I feel like I owe people (mostly my boss) my time for hiring me. I have only been full time at my job for about 9 months but I was an intern at my current job for 3 years prior. Side note!: They offered my job to someone else before giving it to me even though all they did was complain about this certain person. Once this certain person turned down their offer I was next in line. Still pisses me off to this day. I gave this company a lot of my time. I even came back on my winter breaks from school, they may not have been very long breaks but I was there. Anyways, this just ties back into my loyalty problems. I give everything I have to things that never help me any. I do feel that I learn a lot at my job I just hate feeling like I was their second choice when I know how they felt about the person they were going to hire instead of me. My mom thinks I should apply for the job in Hawaii. One of my goals in life is to live in Hawaii. I will do it one day. Maybe I am giving up an opportunity that I really shouldn’t. I think I might apply Monday. I guess I don’t have to take the job if I don’t want to later on. My biggest fear is the amount of change that will happen in my life. Nothing will be the same and what if I don’t like the job. Do I just suck it up for awhile, because I’m not a suck it up kind of person. There’s a lot here in NH that I will miss. But the opportunity is too great and the chance to live in paradise is too hard to turn down.

Thanks for listening.


Quick side note: Yes, I took this photo. Used my 35mm film camera. Second, this photo cracks me up a bit. Looks like it should be a stock photo for picture frames. BTW, those people are not my family. I don’t know them, which makes this even better.52540002


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